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Hip Pain Physiotherapy Sherwood Park


Hip Pain Physiotherapy Sherwood Park

The hip joint is among the most critical joints in the body and is used in almost every movement. The hip joint is also necessary for stationary actions. Any discomfort in the hip joint can hinder progress or impede growth. Hip pain is a medical condition requiring tender care because it can become life-threatening if allowed to degenerate.

The need for a healthy hip joint can not be overstated, and that’s why we provide physiotherapy remedies for hip pain at Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic, Sherwood. If you experience pain in your waistline while bending forward, running, or walking, you should have your hips checked.

If jumping or lying down is painful and you can’t raise your knees to your waist level, you should also check your hips. Contact us now for a physical assessment of your hips and possible recommendations for treatment.

A little about Hip Pain

The hip is your primary joint when standing from a sitting position. The joint connects your legs to your body; hence, it bears the body’s weight when you perform various movements.

We describe hip pain as the pain you feel in the distal parts of your waistline when you attempt movements that require your waist. Some movements that trigger hip pain include raising your legs, kicking, jogging, and turning your body. Indications of hip pain are things like difficulty raising your leg in any direction and a burning waist pain while lifting items.

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Hip Pain Physiotherapy Sherwood Park | Emerald Physio

What causes Hip Pain?

The pain in your hips must result from some harmful event in the body. The cause of hip pain usually directs the course of treatment. Understanding the cause of the pain is helpful to your recovery as it helps your physio manage it better and shows you how to avoid recurrence.

Let’s see some known causes of hip pain.

Hip joint necrosis is the death of the hip joint due to inadequate blood supply. The shortage in blood supply is usually caused by anemia. Still, it could also be caused by diseases that affect blood vessels supplying the joint.

Arthritis is a known disease of the joints. In conjunction with gout, arthritis, or hip joint inflammation, it is a painful condition.

Hip Injury: the hip joint may get injured in accidents and cause the victim pain. Various kinds of accidents can lead to hip pain. For example, an automobile, domestic, or sporting Injury can affect the head of the femur or its shaft.

Physiotherapy Provides A Remedy For Hip Pain

Most hip pain patients seek to know if physiotherapy is good for treating their condition. Truly, physiotherapy, if started early, can completely heal your hip joint. In addition, early treatment will keep you from replacement surgery and using unhealthy pain relievers.

Here are the procedures we implement at Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic to reduce pain and heal your joints:

Hip Joint Assessment

Following the initial consultation, our experienced physiotherapist will take you through an examination session to determine the level of functionality of your hip joint. Key elements of the procedure will include:

  • Test for a range of movement
  • Test for joint health
  • Joint strength test.

After the test, the physio will give you the result and make treatment recommendations.

A Unique Treatment Procedure

The test result will elicit the creation of a personalized treatment for your hip pain. In most cases, our physiotherapist will include the following procedures in your treatment plan:

  • Rotation exercises
  • Weight-bearing exercises
  • Stretching exercises
  • Abduction and Adduction exercises

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We have established that it is risky to delay treatment if you feel pain in your hips. So call now and book a consultation session. Our expert staff will be helpful all the way. Emerald Hills Physio & Sport Clinic is quite accessible and located at the heart of Sherwood Park. Let’s hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hip Pain Physiotherapy

Hip pain can be caused by various factors, including injury, overuse, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and medical conditions such as hip dysplasia and labral tears.

Physiotherapy for hip pain can alleviate discomfort, enhance the range of motion and flexibility, strengthen the hip joint and surrounding tissues, and potentially prevent future injuries while enhancing the overall quality of life.

Common hip pain physiotherapy techniques include stretching and strengthening exercises, manual therapy such as soft tissue and joint mobilization, modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, and education on proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

Hip pain physiotherapy can help prevent future hip injuries by improving strength, flexibility, and proper body mechanics. Physical therapists can also provide education on ergonomics and injury prevention techniques.