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Motor vehicle accident physiotherapy Sherwood Park


Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Sherwood Park

At Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic, we provide effective treatment for accident victims. Due to the organized transport system here in Sherwood Park, AB, accidents are not rampant; however, sometimes, there are accidents due to poor weather or sheer human error. The effect of a vehicle accident can be complex on your whole being. Thus, we give ourselves to your quick recovery and restoration to normal activities.

Your speedy recovery is dependent on a personalized treatment plan. So, we take time to evaluate your unique situation. Our assessment will help us develop a treatment plan aimed at your quick recovery.

We have chiropractors and massage therapists in our team of professionals. Our professionals take a holistic approach to your rehabilitation. They combine the latest techniques and technologies with compassionate care and support.

You may be fresh off a vehicle accident and wondering what to do next. Firstly look at the following MVA injuries to know if you have one that needs urgent medical attention.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy Sherwood Park (MVA)

Common Injuries From Motor Vehicle Accidents

In many cases, motor vehicle accidents lead to a lot of casualties with a variety of injuries. Here’s a brief list of some of the more simple injuries:

Whiplash: In whiplash, the head and the neck move violently against each other like a whiplash in action. Since the head is more oversized, its movement against the neck may injure the connective tissues of the neck, which are not so flexible. Naturally, injury to the neck tissues comes with pain and stiffness.

Back Injuries: Most MVA injuries affect the spinal cord; hence back injuries are popular outcomes of MVAs. A back injury might present as herniated disc and could be painful.

Broken Bones: Fractures and broken bones are common injuries in motor vehicle accidents, especially in the arms, legs, and ribs. You can expect the symptoms here to be similar to those of fractures, like pain, discomfort, and internal bleeding.

Concussions: A concussion occurs when there’s physical trauma to the head. It may affect the brain and lead to disorientation and unconsciousness. Symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and memory problems are not distant.

Soft Tissue Injuries: These are injuries to body parts that may not be visible. Internal organs and connective tissue may get ruptured in an accident. They are often life-threatening.

Treatment For Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

We have an exciting collection of treatment modules for Motor Vehicle Accident at Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic. Your personalized treatment could include any of the following:


Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that uses exercises and manual therapy for these purposes:

  • improve range of motion,
  • reduce pain, and
  • restore function to the body.
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Chiropractic Care

We are dealing with a non-invasive, drug-free treatment. A treatment module focused on the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. It effectively treats back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

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Massage Therapy

You may well know about massage. It is a hands-on treatment that employs physical manipulation of the soft tissues. Massage improves blood flow, therefore, reducing pain and encouraging relaxation.

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A treatment known to have Asian origin, acupuncture is a kind of neural manipulation. In acupuncture, the acupuncturist inserts needles into neural points to slow down nerve transmissions and reduce pain.

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Depending on your response to these modules, we may recommend other therapies.

Why Choose Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic?

Choosing the right physiotherapy clinic after an MVA can make all the difference in your recovery. At Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic, we are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients. So allow us to convince you to do your MVA treatment at Emerald Hills for these few reasons:

Experienced Professionals

Our medical practitioners have years of experience in MVA treatments. Our goal is that you recover quickly, and we have the wherewithals to achieve it.

Comprehensive Care

Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic offers a wide range of services and treatments to ensure our patients receive comprehensive care. We take utmost care not to commonize your situation, giving attention to every aspect of your recovery – physical & emotional.

World-class Facilities

We are in sync with technological advancements in the medical industry. So, we always do our best to equip our clinic with technology that meets modern healthcare requirements.

Compassionate Care

We remain aware of the delicate nature of MVA victims; hence, we provide compassionate care and support to our patients. We will work with you as you gradually recover, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident.

Convenient Location

Our clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Sherwood Park, AB. You will always find it easy to arrive quickly in times of emergency.

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Frequently Asked Questions !!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Vehicle Accident Physiotherapy

The time required for accident physiotherapy treatment depends on the severity of the injury and the individual’s response to treatment. Some people may experience relief after a few sessions, while others may require several weeks or months of treatment.

Some common techniques used in accident physiotherapy treatment include exercises to improve strength and flexibility, manual therapy such as joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization, modalities such as ice and heat therapy, and education on proper body mechanics and ergonomics.

In most cases, a physician referral is unnecessary to receive accident physiotherapy treatment. However, some insurance providers may require a referral for coverage.

Some common injuries that can be treated with accident physiotherapy include whiplash, back and neck pain, fractures, sprains and strains, and joint injuries.