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Pre-surgical And Post-surgical Physiotherapy Sherwood Park


Benefits From Pre And Post-surgical Physiotherapy

Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic in Sherwood Park can help you fully recover after surgery. Our experienced physiotherapists will work with you to develop a personalized pre- and post-surgical therapeutic regimen to help you prepare for surgery and recover comfortably afterward.

Studies have shown that incorporating pre-surgical and post-surgical physiotherapy into your surgical plan can significantly improve outcomes and reduce the risk of complications. At Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic, we believe in using natural, safe, and non-invasive treatment plans to improve your overall health and well-being.

What to expect during your treatment

At Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic, pre-and post-surgical physiotherapy is crucial for successful patient recovery. Their team of seasoned physical therapists begins with a personalized plan that helps prepare the patient for surgery. This includes exercises to improve strength, flexibility, endurance, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments.

Following surgery, the physiotherapists evaluate the patient’s mobility, muscle function, and functional abilities to design a tailored rehabilitation plan incorporating exercises and techniques like ultrasound, heat therapy, and electrical stimulation. They aim to decrease complications and expedite a swift recovery to optimal health, collaborating with patients to attain their desired results.

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Pre-surgical Physiotherapy

Did you know that pre-surgical physical therapy can reduce the chances of potential complications and promote prompt recuperation by improving muscle strength, physical fitness, and mobility? The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s fitness level and medical history to determine the appropriate exercise regimen, which may include muscle-building workouts, flexibility training, and endurance exercises. In addition, the physiotherapist may provide guidance on nutrition, breathing methods, and lifestyle adjustments to reduce the risk of complications during the operation.


By adhering to physiotherapists’ recommendations, individuals can recover quicker and smoother. Physiotherapy is advantageous for preparing the body for a seamless recovery within a short period at the end of the operation. In addition, the joint efforts of the physiotherapist and patient can improve the patient’s physical fitness and well-being, resulting in a successful operation and faster recovery.


Post-surgical Physiotherapy

To recover well, regaining strength and mobility safely and effectively is crucial. The personalized rehabilitation plans developed by Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic prioritize each patient’s specific needs. By evaluating the range of motion, muscle function, and daily activity capabilities, our physiotherapists design a customized rehabilitation plan that helps restore physical strength and mobility while improving flexibility.

The clinic offers multiple techniques, such as heat therapy, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound, to alleviate pain and inflammation and stimulate natural healing. The ultimate goal of post-surgical physiotherapy is to ensure a safe and effective recovery, and the physiotherapists at Emerald Hills are dedicated to helping individuals achieve their desired outcomes.

Pre surgical And Post surgical Physiotherapy Sherwood Park

Benefits of Pre-surgical / Post-surgical Care In Physiotherapy

Physiotherapeutic intervention plays a vital role in both pre-operative and post-operative care. It is a fundamental aspect of the recovery process that provides various advantages, including reducing the likelihood of adverse events arising from surgery and aiding in a faster recovery. Here are some advantages of pre-surgical and post-surgical physiotherapy:

Before surgery, physiotherapy:

  • reduces the likelihood of adverse events during surgery,
  • prepares the body for surgery, and promotes optimal recovery.
  • Additionally, it enhances patients’ mobility, making it easier for them to move around before and after surgery.

Post-surgical physiotherapy:

  • Assists patients in achieving better functional abilities by aiding in the recovery of strength, mobility, and flexibility, thereby reducing their hospital stay duration.
  • Alleviates post-surgery pain and discomfort by enhancing muscle functionality, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.
  • Mitigates the possibility of additional complications by enhancing lung function, reducing the risk of pneumonia, and promoting mobility, which reduces the risk of blood clots.

Thus, pre-surgical and post-surgical physiotherapy plays a critical role in a patient’s recovery by minimizing the risk of complications and enhancing mobility. Therefore, consulting a physiotherapist to integrate physiotherapy into pre-operative and post-operative care is vital.

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If you live in Sherwood Park or nearby areas and want to improve your overall health using a natural, safe, non-invasive treatment plan, contact Emerald Hills Physio & Sports Clinic today to book an appointment. Let us help you plan your successful recovery journey!

Frequently Asked Questions !!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-surgical And Post-surgical Physiotherapy

Pre-surgical physiotherapy can improve postoperative outcomes by reducing the risk of complications, improving physical function and strength, and reducing the time needed for rehabilitation after surgery.

The timing of physiotherapy after surgery will depend on the specific procedure and the patient’s recovery. In some cases, physiotherapy may begin within a few days of surgery; in other cases, it may be several weeks before the patient is ready for therapy.

 The length of post-surgical physiotherapy will depend on the patient’s recovery and the specific surgery performed. It may last several weeks or months and involve multiple sessions per week.

In some cases, physiotherapy may be used to manage specific conditions or injuries without surgery. However, surgery may be necessary in many cases to fully resolve the issue. Physiotherapy can still play an essential role in pre and post-operative care to optimize outcomes and reduce complications.